Electric & Marine World Expo

Annual Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo has been realized from 27 to 29th June 2018, in Amsterdam. Green Meridian has been there for widening our vision on electric and other energy sources and the Maritime Area. The business sectors represented were Electrical Engineering, Shipping, Shibuilding and Port Equipment. Very good contacts were made with Farady, a technical training co. with many products about safety, and others.

Our client Selfa was very well represented with a speech on the electryfiing of small vessels made by its CEO.
Fast ferries with a speed of more than 20 knots consume 13x more fuel compared with regular passenger ferries. Due to the high amount of energy required, battery power has previously been deemed unfeasible. Through research by Selfa Arctic, commissioned by the Norwegian NOx Fund, the presentation demonstrated how a specific vessel in Norway can save €800,000 in annual costs, with payback on the system in less than five years. Annual emissions reductions of 2,200 tons CO2 and 24 tons NOx are achieved. Details as design considerations, operational profile, emissions reductions and financial models were also discussed.

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